NEW Quantum Water Activator

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NEW Quantum Water Activator - the best way to activate water at home

Quantum Water Activator (QWA)


Following many months or even years of research we have created the innovative Quantum Water Activator. This revolutionary invention will change the structured water world for ever. Simple to install and intuitive, the activator can be used with any system of hot or cold water, including central heating and water cooling systems. It structures the water in real time, so it doesn't require any tanks or buffer vessels. This small activator (8x8x2 cm) is mounted outside the water pipe using cable ties. No tools or other work are required. In the heart of the activator lies our quantum field lens, created using our proprietary crystallization technology. It focuses and orders the quantum field lines, structuring the water. Using photon emissions measurements, our laboratory has fully confirmed  the performance of the QWA and the lasting changes to the water structure activated with it. It also leads to a natural occurrence of free hydrogen ions, so it can also replace water hydrogenation systems. The illustration below shows the formation of hydrogen ions in the structured water.



Water consists of H2O molecules. Structuring water means that some hydrogen atoms become shared, so individual ions form a cloud of free hydrogen ions. This leads to water hydrogenation.





The benefits of structured water are widely known. If you want further information, you can find ample materials online. Some of the main benefits of structured water:



  1. The best water for our health. It detoxes and hydrates our body much better than any other water.
  2. It strengthens our immune system and helps fight illnesses.
  3. Improves the absorption of nutrients and cleans the body from toxic products of metabolism.
  4. It carries information, so it's key in any homeopathic processes.
  5. It improves brain function, helps learn faster and prevents memory dysfunctions. 
  6. Vitalizes plants and animals. Our experiments show that plants watered with structured water grow larger and healthier.
  7. It is a highly effective solvent, so it decreases the need for washing powders, soap and shampoo. This also means less pollution to the environment.



And many more…


It's key to remember that the Quantum Water Activator is not a filter, so you should always use a filtration technology applicable to the water you're using.