The n-Water Technology:

  • n-Wateris a revolutionary, proprietary technology  – based on quantum mechanics.
  • It’s how Live Water is created.


Benefits of n-Water Live Water:

  1. Live Water is the best and healthiest water for our bodies.
  2. Thanks to its uniform particle structure, Live Water is a much stronger solvent than other types of water. This means it keeps heating systems free of scale and descales them when scale is already present. This means longer operation and less maintenance. Live Water also dissolves scale in our bodies.
  3. Live Water improves plant growth, weight and quality.
  4. Live Water brings body its nutrients faster and more efficiently. It’s also better at transporting waste from metabolic processes.
  5. Used in meals and baking, it improves taste.
  6. It improves the quality of baking
  7. Live Water harmonizes the structure and increases the quality of alcoholic beverages (including wine).

And many more…


n-Water Live Water is unique, because it carries the natural, primal quantum vibration of water as it used to be thousands of years ago.

The n-Water technology influences the hydrogen bonds between H2O particles and naturally structures them so that the end product resembles natural, powerful water from the dawn of time. Thanks to the n-Water technology you can have this water at home. Its power will benefit you throughout your life, because our solutions are wear-free, maintenance-free and repair-free.

A bit of theory: we are referring to H2O particles instead of water particles for a reason. We have to remember that a single H2O particle is just hydrogen oxide. Water consists of many H2O particles. It’s a structure created with hydrogen bonds that consists of many particles connected in a multidimensional network. Only then, with that structure, H2O actually becomes water. According to some sources, you need at least 280,000 H2O particles to create a single water particle. Only this way can we explain the physical and chemical properties of this common substance that we know as water.

The n-Water Technology is unique, as it stabilizes the structure of hydrogen bonds. It resembles creating a diamond from graphite – both are pure carbon, but each has a different structure. In this case regular water is the graphite, while n-Water Live Water has the equivalent structure of a diamond. And you can have this diamond for yourself. You can enjoy Live Water at home thanks to our n-Water mug (a mobile stabilizer of hydrogen bonds) or a static n-Water device fixed to your water system at home, in a plant or an agricultural facility.Our devices are maintenance-free.

They don’t require servicing, inspections or spare parts.


Your body will be grateful to you for drinking Live Water.