Benefits of Live Water stabilizied with the n-Water technology:

Live Water is the best and healthiest water for your body. Drinking Live Water makes your body better hydrated. Thanks to hydrogen bonds stabilized using our n-Water technology, Live Water improves the work of your immune system, helps fight diseases and slows aging. It also has great influence on your skin, helping it look healthier and younger for years to come. Live Water helps detox and cleanse your body. Initially it can lead to a slight stomach discomfort, sign that the detoxing is working. Drinking Live Water is recommended during pharmacological treatment. It improves its effects and has a soothing effect on your body.

Live Water improves plant growth, their weight and quality. It’s perfect for both home plants, as well as gardens and larger areas. We have heard about cases where plants that have never bloomed would bloom after several weeks of using Live Water. We have also compared the growth of cuckooflower watered with regular water and with Live Water. After 3 days cuckooflower watered with Live Water was twice as tall as the plant watered with regular water.

Live Water brings body its nutrients faster and more efficiently. It’s also better at transporting waste from metabolic processes.



Used in meals and baking, Live Water improves the taste. It also increases shelf time of fruit and vegetables.

Live Water improves quality of baking, helping cakes, pastries and other dishes remain fresh for longer. It’s perfect for drinking with mint and lemon or on its own.


Thanks to its uniform particle structure, Live Water is a much stronger solvent than other types of water. This means it leaves no scale in home heating systems. When used in systems with scale deposits, it removes them. This process can take from several weeks to several months, depending on the amount of scale.


It’s also perfect for industries where dyes are used, e.g. tanneries. Thanks to its superior dissolving capabilities, it helps reduce usage of expensive dyes, generating savings.
To sum up, Live Water is perfect for nearly any application: from hotels and restaurants, through swimming pools, saunas to houses, gardens and all industrial facilities requiring food grade water. For more details on installation please e-mail us.