About Company

The N-Water brand is a response to the year-to-year water quality in the world. Our answer is the presentation of the latest Living Water Technology, which restores its natural structure, changing dead water into living water.


Taking into account the research of Masaru Emoto and many other outstanding specialists in the field of water, we pay special attention to the structure of water, which in our opinion is the most important.


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The quality of drinking water is very important for us, which we try to repair through our Live Water Technology.

Our products: active mug, water activator, active stand, active ball have already been appreciated in the country and beyond our borders. We are constantly working on innovative technologies and implementing new products.




To introduce you to the world of water, we conduct lectures on water: on the Youtube channel.
With living water, we will enter different areas of life, changing them thanks to its properties. See how the world around you will change thanks to the living water! Start to transform it today with us!

Living Water is not just drinking water, Living Water is a lifestyle!

We have recognized the treatment of water on our planet as our special mission.