n-Copper Energy - QFL necklace

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n-Copper Energy necklace is pure copper based on n-Water technology.


Based on the latest Quantum Field Theories (QFT) the Quantum Field Lens focuses and orders the penetrating fields lines. These fields form the beginnings of massless (virtual) particles that are omnipresent in our world. We could say that these are information fields. 



                   Image 1 – how the QFL works. 

                    *QFL – Quantum Field Lens 

It orders and strengthens the quantum (information) field lines. The field ordered by the lens influences the structure of all liquids like blood, water and others in your body.

Using Quantum Field Lenses has an enormous, positive influence. Giving more energy and strenght to your body.

Remember: QFL has two sides. Flat side is a plus and convex side is a minus. Always wear the lens the flat side to the body.