Quantum Energy Platform

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Quantum Energy Platform


Quantum Energy Platform is a unique solution that unifies and strengthens our biofield, using synchronized quantum field lenses.

Viewed from the quantum physics side, it's an interface through which the energy of the virtual particle field flows into the material world. This field exists all around us and the platform organizes and strengthens it. The more organized field affects our energy environment, our aura or the energy fields of all our cells. It's because our biofield, although its existence is disputed by traditional medicine (and the existence of the biofield has been repeatedly demonstrated even by scientists), is superior to our body and it is where health-related processes actually occur. All bioresonance devices are based on a review the state of our biofield and, as you can easily see, biofield-based diagnosis is often much more accurate than traditional diagnosis. Biofield enables us not only to find the reasons for our current ailments but it can also predict future health issues. Compensating for the energy deficiencies of the biofield should always be our first priority in our quest for health. This is what, among other uses, our Quantum Energy Platform does. In our research using the Bio-Well device (photon emission measurement) we have repeatedly confirmed a positive change in the energy state of our body even after a single 20-minute session. The number of sessions should be adapted, though, to the individual's condition and is usually between 10 and 20 sessions. 

Another effect of the Quantum Energy Platform.


The other side is in the spiritual realm. The platform links the spiritual world and the material world. The experience of being on the platform field causes our consciousness to increase, extrasensory perception to expand, and cognitive powers for the realm of spirit to be activated and expanded within us. It's an amazing experience for both experienced spirit guides and beginners in their journeys to the higher world. Looking at our platform from this side we can safely say that it’s the Creator's Field Platform, for the spiritual world is nothing else but the Creator in its purest form. And there is no contradiction here. The Russian scientist prof. Shypov had already proven that the quantum field is actually the Creator's field. The physical vacuum theory explains this thoroughly and is a continuation of A. Einstein's work on the unified field theory. Einstein did not finish his work. But Professor Gennady Ivanovich Shypov managed to complete it. 


I wish you all prosperity and clarity of mind. – Bogdan Glowacki